Mealtimes at the nursery are greeted enthusiastically by the children!

We serve home-cooked meals that are both fresh and nutritious. Having taken the advice of both a trained nutritionist and chef we feel confident that we provide a varied and changing menu that appeals to our children.

The nursery is regularly inspected by the Environmental Health Agency and proudly displays their certificate for very good standards of hygiene

We are committed to using organic ingredients where possible. The children eat organic bread, meat, vegetables, fruit and other staples and drink organic whole milk.

The children enjoy a range of fresh seasonal fish that is delivered directly to the nursery from a local fishmonger

All meals are prepared at the nursery, and parents are welcome to inspect our kitchen and read our nutrition policy at any time.

Although are menu's are subject to change (particularly according to seasons), these are the current menu's that are on a rolling four weekly cycle.

Please see the weekly ‘Friday Flyer’ for the current week’s menus.

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