Dates for your diary 2012

The Nursery closes for Bank Holidays and for four weeks each year. This enables our staff to take the bulk of their holiday entitlement at the same time which gives a stable and consistent staffing structure for our children. It also means that maintenance work is carried out when the nursery is empty of children and safe.

In response to some comments in the feedback questionnaires in the summer we have set the nursery closures for the whole year in advance.

Nursery Closures for the forthcoming year 2012 - 2013 at the nursery are:

Easter break 2012   Nursery closed from:

Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th April
Summer break 2012   Nursery closed from:

Monday 20th August - Monday 3rd September
Christmas break 2012   Nursery closed from:

Friday 21st - Wednesday 3rd January

Thank you for all your support, if you have any questions please speak to Sarah or Anneli

Thank you

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