Our Garden

Our garden is a special place and a very important feature of our nursery. It is a place of great fun, excitement and learning for the children as they develop their physical and social skills and enjoy every room in our sensory garden.

New Climbing area

We are very proud of the beautiful timber climbing frame and climbing wall.

Stepping stones will be laid soon to add to the fun! We know that the children benefit from the physical challenges that the climbing equipment gives them.

The climbing area was a result of the nursery breaking a world record for the most amount of people dressed as sunflowers, we had been sponsored and raised enough money to go towards getting the new climbing frame. View our image gallery for photographs of us breaking the Guinness world record on our Sunflower walk.

The Sensory Garden

Designed by one of our parents and built by several of our keen dads, our sensory garden is greatly enjoyed by children and adults alike. The children grow their own fruit and vegetables in the taste garden which they pick and cook and have for their lunch. They plant bulbs and seedlings of a variety of species and enjoy a range of beautiful colours in the spring and summer in the sight garden. Listening to the bamboo and long grasses swaying as they play hide and seek in the jungle/sound garden is great fun. The smell garden has lots of interesting and exotic smells from the chocolate plants and curry plants as well as the lavender, jasmine and sweet peas.

Baby Garden

Our babies are very much a part of the nursery and we will soon be developing a special garden for our babies where they can play and crawl and watch the older children.

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