Rainbow Room

The babies in the Rainbow Room enjoy a small group atmosphere of warmth, safety and care. They are able to follow their own home routines which means that the transition from home to nursery is a smooth and natural for them as possible.

The babies are supported and encouraged to develop at their own pace. Their day is suited to their particular needs, and we work carefully with parents to ensure that this continues as they change and develop.

Babies begin to explore the world through their senses. Their activities are sensitively planned to meet their changing needs as they grow and develop. The babies enjoy a range of stimulating activities which include:

  • Singing and music sessions - every day - where they can begin to join in action rhymes and play along to songs with percussion instruments. These are led by a music specialist who helps staff to plan activities particularly suited to this age group.
  • Exploring different textures which is often rather messy - for example ice cubes and jelly!
  • Sensory play in their dedicated sensory area - full of mirrors and stimulating objects that sparkle and glitter,
  • Quiet times - where they can begin to enjoy stories and books and spend time with adults individually.
  • The babies also enjoy regular walks to the park and nearby library.

To make parents busy lives a little easier we make no extra charge for nappies, wipes etc - the nursery uses huggies or pampers nappies and wipes - although parents are welcome to provide them if they wish.

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